Tracing a Lost Child Trust Fund

Teenagers already own their accounts, although huge numbers don’t know it: over one million accounts are ‘addressee gone away’: that’s roughly the same as the population of Wales.

What do you do if a Child Trust Fund is one of those unfortunate ‘addressee gone away’ accounts? We have a solution for that – we’ve not only distributed 20,000 of these posters across 7,000 secondary schools throughout the United Kingdom, but also –

If you visit you’ll discover a full explanation of what you need to tackle the Government’s ‘find my child trust fund’ facility and a link to it. And, once you find it, you’ll also find the contact details of the various account providers, so that you can make sure that that ‘addressee gone away’ tag is removed.

When a young person reaches 16, HM Revenue & Customs send them their National Insurance number. There’s now an additional reminder to find their CTF on that notification: 

NINO CTF notification.jpg

What is a CTF?

This website provides lots of information on Child Trust Funds and the facts and figures for the whole scheme, including a geographical analysis by region.


1 Million Child Trust Funds worth up to £1000 or more

1 Million Child Trust Funds worth up to £1000 or more