Who Can Join?


We’re looking for volunteers prepared to organise gatherings and speak to young people, parents and teachers, mainly in secondary schools in their local area - which could be anywhere in the United Kingdom.

Please apply here if you’re interested in either - or both - the roles below:

CTF Ambassador

If you’re a ‘self-starter’ who’s passionate about young people making best use of the opportunity to achieve their potential, this is for you. We’ll provide the material you’ll need - speaking draft, slides, online support information. It will help if you’re relatively confident in money matters, but you don’t need to be an expert. Because you’ll be speaking to gatherings you won’t need additional qualifications, but please bear in mind that anyone who meets with young people under 18 on a one-to-one basis will need enhanced DBS certification. Being a CTF Ambassador is a voluntary role, but we can help with reasonable expenses routed through our regional co-ordinator.

Regional Co-ordinator

We’re looking for 12 regional co-ordinators to oversee the work of CTF Ambassadors across the United Kingdom: one each of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and, in England, for North-East, North West, Yorkshire and the Humber, East Midlands, West Midlands, East, London, South-East and South-West. You’ll be increasing the number of CTF Ambassadors within your region and providing guidelines of areas to be covered, acting as the communication conduit between them and The Share Foundation, and arranging periodical gatherings of CTF Ambassadors within your region to share best practice: you may also be a CTF Ambassador yourself. Being a Regional Co-ordinator is a voluntary role, but we can help with reasonable expenses.


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