About Us


Our aim is to help as many young people as possible, and particularly those with a difficult start in life, to reach adulthood with both the material resources and the knowledge to achieve their potential. Since we were established as a registered charity in February 2005 we've been working with the Government’s two investment initiatives for young people in care: the Child Trust Fund and the Junior ISA.

Between 2005 and 2010 we made additional contributions to Child Trust Funds: since 2012 we’ve been appointed by the Department for Education to establish Junior ISAs for all children and young people who’ve been in care continuously for over one year, and who do not have a Child Trust Fund. There’s an initial £200 from the Government to open each account, and one of our tasks is to raise additional money to build that account into a worthwhile starter for adult life.

We’ve worked with pfeg (the Personal Finance Education Group, now part of Young Enterprise) to provide guidance on handling money generally including, of course, their Junior ISA investment. It's a vital role in which we also work closely with local authorities, carers and schools.

Because of its huge reach, we can additionally apply our knowledge of the Child Trust Fund to benefit young people right across the United Kingdom by working with CTF Ambassadors. We want to make this particularly effective for young people from the most disadvantaged homes - those in receipt of Child Tax Credit - alongside our work for young people in care.

Governance & Trustees

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