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A Child Trust Fund Ambassador

If you believe that young people should feel confident with looking after their money and their day-to-day financial interactions when they reach adulthood, please consider volunteering to be a Child Trust Fund Ambassador. This will involve organising and addressing gatherings of young people, their parents and teachers, mainly in local secondary schools, to help them realise the opportunity that  their Child Trust Fund offers. These accounts are individually held for over six million children and young people, and were established by government as a tool for financial education. As a registered charity, our aim is to build a network of voluntary ambassadors throughout the United Kingdom to ensure this happens, especially during the two critical years before adulthood.

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Our Purpose

To help you to become a strong advocate for financial capability for young people, helping them to become aware of their Child Trust Fund and how it can be used to develop a much better understanding of how to manage their money. During the next decade six million young people throughout every part of the United Kingdom will approach adulthood (ie be aged 16 or 17) with these accounts, during which time they are permitted to take control of the account (although not access the money until they are 18). Find out more about the Child Trust Fund here:

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Our Impact

There have been many initiatives over the years to improve financial capability, but we feel the Child Trust Fund, which has been issued to over six million children across the United Kingdom all born between 1st September 2002 and 2nd January 2011, provides a huge opportunity for change: largely because there’s no substitute for the real thing when it comes to learning about money.

Our impact will therefore be your achievement in making the account come alive for each 16 and 17 year old in your chosen area.

The Child Trust Fund is real money - an individual account, not a share in a pooled fund. Its purpose, as stated in a letter from HMRC to parents in 2010, is ‘The Government wants the Child Trust Fund to help children get into the habit of saving, and to help them understand personal finance’. They go on to anticipate action in schools: ‘Your child receives financial education at school, and teachers may refer to the Child Trust Fund as a useful real life example of how to save and manage money.’

Your contribution will make a huge impact in improving that provision of financial education in schools.


Volunteer for Us

We’re looking for volunteers as CTF Ambassadors prepared to go into schools and speak to gatherings of young people, their parents and teachers. We’ll help with materials and planning which schools to visit. Also, we’re looking for regional co-ordinators who can help with that planning process and with local queries as they arise.


Be Prepared

Be prepared to arrange and talk to gatherings - in schools, at local conferences, in church and other community assemblies, etc.. in order to address parents, teachers and most importantly the young people themselves;

Spread the Word

Where possible, to attend CTF Ambassador meetings in order to share and spread knowledge. Assist so far as possible, with The Share Foundation’s work for young people in care.

Be Knowledgeable

Be adequately knowledgeable about Child Trust Funds - their purpose and spread, the extent and different styles of investment, and the account provider community.

Get Certified

Don’t take part in one-to-one meetings with young people under 18 unless your enhanced DBS certification is in place.


Get Involved

The Share Foundation’s objectives include advancing the education of children and young people in handling their financial situation so as to encourage self-sufficiency as they grow into adulthood. Our main operations are for young people in care, for whom we run the Department for Education’s Junior ISA and Child Trust Fund schemes. You can read more about this work on our main website, We’d appreciate any way you can help us, either with your time or by making our contribution to our work.


Volunteer opportunities

Help us to raise awareness of the Child Trust Fund across the United Kingdom.

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